Who We Are

David Hays | President

David Hays
“I’m proud of how we contribute to the success of our small business clients, whether we make some network problem disappear or install a new,  system that helps the company grow. “


David’s values are honor, meeting commitments, and delivering value. “In business, these values mean that I own a problem until it is fully resolved, and we bill for it fairly.”

Over the 30­+ years of providing IT support to small businesses David learned customers want respect, to be provided the best options with recommendations, and value their hard-earned money.

“My approach is to set things up so they run right and serve the business.”

Certified in Microsoft and WatchGuard technologies.

I’m an avid photographer, traveling the world with my wife and life partner, Joan. You can see some of my images on the blog and at artis.com


Aaron Rosenstein | Partner

Aaron Rosenstein
“There are many ‘cookie cutter’ ways of doing things, but business needs are not one-size-fits-all. My promise to customers is to customize technology to what works for them and their business, instead of trying to force them to fit into the limitations of some technology’s box.”

Aaron Rosenstein’s over 20 years in IT has included both work as a consultant and employee in large organizations. He developed an appreciation of the gaps between how technology is made and how it is used in specific business environments. And, he learned the secret of bridging the gap was listening.

Certified in Microsoft, Cisco, and Dell, Aaron Rosenstein has also earned the reputation of the IT guy’s IT guy, able to get inside apparently unsolvable network/computing issues and resolve them. “The trust and respect of my peers is the highest form of praise…”

Aside from playing with technology on weekends, Aaron plays with boats and small airplanes.

“I’m most proud when we can help customers like this: recently, a small company called us because their network kept going down and gave them problems every day. In less than two weeks, we diagnosed the problems, assessed their needs, and installed a fully revitalized and secure computing environment… we made their computing problems disappear and delivered results.”


Our Customers Say…

…thoughtful … a strategic view … budget conscious… flexible…

Don LelandGeneral ManagerCascade Pest ControlKing and Snohomish County

… a trusted partner for my business…


Diana SheridanCEOCascade Pest ControlKing and Snohomish County, WA

… the kind of partner every small business needs: reliable, responsive, and strategic.

Don JayneCEODon Jayne DentistSeattle, WA

… impressive planning and flawless execution for a major upgrade over a weekend that was ready at the start of business Monday morning…

Don LelandGeneral ManagerCascade Pest ControlKing and Snohomish County, WA

… they really own the problem until it is resolved…

Don LelandGeneral ManagerCascade Pest ControlKing and Snohomish County

 While many companies tout reliable, dependable, fairly priced service, David earned those qualities daily.

Alex ChanCEOAlex Chan DDSBellevue

… I rely on their recommendations… know they have my back” 

Diana SheridanCEOCascade Pest ControlKing and Snohomish County

… very respectful of my IT budget and has kept me up and running for over 20 years with very minimal stress …

Don Jayne, DDSCEODon Jayne DDSSeattle, WA

… this is the kind of IT service every dentist needs. I can’t recommend them highly enough…

Don Jayne, DDSCEODon Jayne DDSSeattle, WA

… 20 years of handling every challenge on a very timely basis.

Don Jayne, DDSCEODon Jayne DDSSeattle, WA

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