Meet (Y)our Data Center

the wiring of a data center
Wired and ready to protect your business

One of the distinct advantages IT Partners provides for small business, like yours, is a secure, state-of-the-art, off-site data center. Installations like ours are usually much too expensive and complex for a small business to build and maintain on their own.

IT Partners invested because it dramatically shifts the level of service it can offer clients. We believe that your small business deserves the same protections that larger businesses can afford.

IT Partner’s clients can be confident that in the event of some disaster at your business, your data is safe and being cared for by data specialists. This means you have a means for quickly, efficiently, and completely restoring your business operations.

Rack of servers and equipment
IT Partners Data Center is equipped to protect your data and keep your business running

Quick Tour of the ITP Data Center
IT Partners is proud of the level of services, security, and confidence we are able to deliver to you, as a result of our investment. Here is a quick virtual tour of what is going on behind the scenes:

  • Everything in the rack has a redundant counterpart. It’s setup so that if one element fails, it’s counterpart picks up the load. 
  • The installation contains over 100 Terabytes of data storage accessed through a 100 Megabit Full-duplex symmetrical connection. 
  • All of this is in a secure data center in Redmond with a circular Internet connection; if one path is cut or disrupted, the other half of the circle still delivers data. Multi-fuel generator sets keep the data center up and running under most any condition imaginable. All is protected with Halon fire suppression system. 

Our mission is to keep your network running and healthy. However, we plan for everything on a scale of the inadvertent delete to the worst case scenarios. The Data Center provides a host of services including Hosted Exchange, Remote Desktop Services, Backup Domain Controllers, and failover services for most any of our client’s on-premises servers. 

Although it may seem like extra cost, it is a bargain when balanced against the costs of maintaining a server and the staff to monitor it – or worse, losing the ability to run your business.

Call us today to discuss how our data center can best serve your business.