When was your last computer network health check up?

When was the last time you gave your network a health check up? Just like your personal health, you may not notice the signs of sluggishness or early infection. Robust network health pays big dividends by saving you money, avoids larger problems down the line, and prevents dreaded downtime

IT Partners offers a complimentary Five Point Check-Up that helps you understand what’s going on beneath the covers of your network.

  1. Backup 
    What would happen if your company’s data disappeared, or your server crashed?   

To protect against such an event, we will verify there’s a multi-tiered data and system backup plan is in place and functioning properly.

  • Firewall 
    The thought of losing privileged data is scary. Having it go to unscrupulous individuals is doubly scary. Limiting this possibility is as important as protecting your network against unwanted intrusions.

 We inspect and verify your firewall allows only safe and authorized traffic to enter AND leave the trusted network.

  • Anti Virus and Malware Protection 
    The source of malware and virus infections has many vectors, but the user is nearly always the common link. The best defense is quality antivirus and anti-malware protection on all devices.

 IT Partners verifies workstations, laptops, and servers are protected with up-to-date protection from computer viruses and malware.

  • OS Patch and Update
    Operating system updates and patches serve two purposes: 1) provide system functionality improvements, and 2) repair system security vulnerabilities. For your systems to be secure, they must be continually updates and patched.  

We assess whether your server and workstation operating systems are properly patched, and procedures are in place to keep them up-to-date.

  • Wireless Access
    Ubiquitous wireless access is a great convenience. Unless properly configured, wireless access can also be a great vulnerability.  

We validate existing wireless access into the secure network is properly configured and secure and check for rogue wireless units that allow unauthorized access to the trusted network.

Why wait for trouble that affects your business operations? Contact us, info@itpartnersnw.com,  for a complimentary check up, today!